Does the Blue coat color cause health problems in French Bulldogs?

There is NO factual biological data that supports the notion that any particular coat color, including blue, is responsible for health or temperament related issues in the French Bulldog breed.

What are the different colors of Blue?


Does a French Bulldog require much discipline?

This breed is pleasant, playful, and very affectionate. They are absolutely hilarious and have a very comical personality and love to clown around. Frenchies get along fairly well with strangers and other animals, but often bonds strongly to one person. Frenchies who are alpha, may become dog aggressive. This breed needs leadership and will not thrive without it. A Frenchie cannot be owned and ignored. When they sense an owner is meek or passive towards them they will become fairly wilful and dominant. They can be trained if the owner is consistent, calm and assertive. Proper human to canine communication is essential!! NEVER show them affection if they display unwanted behaviour, instead correct them with calm, assertive authority. This breed may drool, however most do not. Do not allow this sweet little bully to develop small dog syndrome. (Small dog syndrome: Dog believes he is pack leader to humans)


How much does a French Bulldog weigh?

Height- 12 inches (30 cm) Weight 19-38 lbs


What causes the color blue?

The blue color often referred to as “mouse” is resulted from the “d”/dilute gene. The dilute factor has caused the black hair to become blue. The pigment on nose and pads is also a grayish blue and eyes are also often blue in color.

What is the History behind this breed?

The French bulldog was originally developed in England as a miniature version of the English bulldog. In the 1860’s, French dog breeders imported some of these very small bulldogs from Great Britain and bred them with French terriers. Streetwalkers in France greatly admired the imports and this led to the name French bulldog. When the breed was eventually brought back to England for exhibition, the English made a big uproar about the name French bulldog, since the bulldog was originally an English breed and because the bulldog was a traditional symbol of English culture.

Why are French Bulldogs so expensive?

Firstly, I am a very proud and responsible breeder of French Bulldogs, and aware that every dog is not of meant for breeding. For this reason when selecting my Baby Blues, I choose only the best quality of Frenchies!
French Bulldogs are expensive for a number of reasons:
1) They are only able to deliver by C-Section, have a small size litter and sometimes need to be artificially inseminated, before you have even one pup you can have a couple thousand in the litter.
2) After the pups are born they MUST be monitored around the clock! The puppies need to be fed every 2 hours and cannot be left alone with the mother because she could accidentally roll on them and squish them. All of this tends to keep their prices rather high.
3) “BLUE” French Bulldogs are still VERY RARE! It is because of this rarity and lack of quality breeders, Blue Frenchies are still very expensive. The Blue color comes from a rare gene called the dilute gene (d) which changes the coat color from black to gray (blue) and is also responsible for the change in the eye color. It is this rare gene that makes Blue French bulldogs rare and why there is a higher price for the Blue colored French bulldogs then for the regular colored French bulldogs.