Aria is the Alpha female of our pack. An extremely muscular and athletic 32lbs. She loves to swim and play fetch. In true bulldog fashion, she is fearless with a strong ball drive. Highly intelligent, affectionate and very attentive making her easy to train (In exchange for hugs and kisses)😙
RETIRED: Naomi,our little angel, she is also 5 yrs old and blue-pied. She is best known for her adorable face that captures the hearts of everyone she meets. Weighing 24 lbs, she is thick boned and very short and cobby. This little girl loves to swim which is very rare and not often seen in this breed. Naomi gets along with dogs, cats and anyone who will play with her. When in front of an audience she loves to clown around and put on a funny show, sure to make you laugh!
RETIRED: Mya...absolutely gorgeous with her solid blue coat! This little one is the funniest pup out there. She is so affectionate, playful, confident, curious and absolutely loves other dogs, especially other Frenchies! Mya puts a smile on our faces as we go to bed at night and as soon as we open our eyes in the morning! She is currently 3 years old and solid blue... sapphire in my life. Unfortunately, she was retired before having pups of her own due to the discovery of Hip Dysplasia during her pre-breeding health screening. Very disappointing for her because she loves to care for Naomi's pups, cleaning them and standing guard regularly.
Farrah- Although the baby of the family, Farrah is quite large! Big and athletic she has her father Carter's physique, absolutely gorgeous! A true bully she has a high drive, is strong willed and very determined. This blissful Baby Blue is bright, cheerful and charming, never finding enough ways please!
Here at B.B.K. our Frenchies truly are our babies, our family! Unlike most breeders, when they retire or are taken out of the breeding program, they are not for sale. Our goal is always to better this beautiful breed and only select those who meet our health standards. The others are shown just as much love and showered with attention.