Hugo is the most laid back, kind and even tempered dog that I've ever met. He could seriously be a service dog. Hugo has a giant head with a muscular build and weighs around 35lbs. Unbelievably cute and cuddly he's like a little teddy bear. He consistently produces amazingly well tempered (jumbo) pups. I consider him to be the perfect dog.😍😍😍
My man Carter is 5yrs old and blue-pied in color, he is truly the definition of a French bulldog. He is 30 lbs of solid muscle; Heavy boned and has a massive head. Carter is very affectionate with his owners and absolutely loves to play with children and other dogs, especially his big sister Nina, my bluenose pitbull, they are a team! One of his many characteristics is his comical personality, during the day he loves to show off.
Alistair!! He is one of Naomi's puppies from her 1st litter, now almost 3 years old. He has the Irish Spotted Blue Pied markings and weighs 33 pounds! All Naomi's pups are very big, averaging 28lbs! I hope to one day, soon, find the perfect girlfriend for our big blue. :) Check out pictures of Alistair in the photo gallery!
Otto- Is a handsome, Blue male. As mentioned, this guy is a charmer! It takes just one glance before he captures your heart with his adorable, wrinkly Blue face! Otto is great with small children, any breed or size of dog! And yes! Even cats... Even though the feeling is not always mutual, lol!!