P&S Agree

Buyers Obligations

  • The Buyer agrees to provide the dog with proper exercise, diet, shelter, general care, veterinary care, training, and socialization.
  • The Buyer agrees that the Kennel may continue to use the dog’s name, image and other information in advertising the Kennel.
  • The Buyer agrees that all dogs shall bear the Kennel’s name in all advertising and marketing, and on all registration paperwork.
  • The Buyer agrees that if he/she is unable to keep the dog, the kennel has the first option to accept the return of the dog.
  • The Buyer must bring his/her puppy to the veterinarian within one week of examination.
  • The Buyer acknowledges that he/she is familiar with the traits of the breed and accepts the lifetime responsibility for training and socializing the dog.

Kennel’s Obligations (includes warranty)

  • The Kennel agrees to furnish a copy of the puppy’s registration paperwork and pedigree at which time the Kennel is reasonably able.
  • The Kennel agrees that the dog is in good health and sound temperament to the best of the Kennel’s knowledge- the Kennel cannot be responsible for alterations in the dogs temperament while under care of the Buyer.
  • The Kennel agrees that the puppy has received all vaccinations and dewormed appropriate to the puppy’s age.
  • The Kennel offers a one-year warranty on severe genetic defects that expires one year from the date of birth of puppy. Should the Buyer seek to use this warranty, he/she must meet the necessary requirements outlined in the agreement. If the Buyer meets necessary conditions, the Kennel agrees to a one time puppy replacement with a puppy of equal value at which time the Kennel is reasonably able.
  • Should the Buyer decide to keep their canine, the only remedy available to them is 50% off the price of a future puppy and accepts the responsibility of any medical expenses for that canine. This warranty is null and void if the Buyer has failed to comply with terms of the warranty and has shown negligence in the abuse in care of his/her dog.

Download the Detailed Purchase & Sale Agreement